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In today’s fast-paced world, technology is a critical factor for competitiveness and business success in any industry. Organizations that invest in innovative IT solutions and modern technologies are best positioned to succeed in a digital era.

We believe that technology is a catalyst for innovation and growth when used optimally.
That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop customized IT staffing solutions, because you can only get the most out of your IT systems and technologies if you have the right IT solutions expert.

Because of our large talent pool, we have experienced experts available in a variety of information technology specialties, as well as related areas such as design, business analytics and e-commerce.

No matter what technology you need expertise in – from highly demanded programming languages, to rare frameworks, to legacy technologies:

Within 14 days we can provide you with talented candidates or even complete IT teams with various competencies according to your requirements.

Start your journey into the digital future today. The world is constantly changing, and those who adapt and embrace innovation will thrive in the long term. Contact us to start your digital transformation and set the course for a successful future.

Whatever technology you need:
We are at your disposal!


Which IT technologies and specialist areas do you cover?

We cover a wide range of IT technologies and areas, including software development, mobile app development, database management,
IT security, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), web development, system integration, architecture and administration, DevOps,
e-commerce, UX/UI design, AR/VR, business analytics, QA testing, and more.

Can you cover any other technologies?

In principle, we offer IT experts in all known technologies and specialist areas. So far, we have only listed the most popular technologies here. If you are looking for IT specialists for technologies or specialist areas that are not shown in our list, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our talent pool includes many experienced IT specialists – even for the rarest technologies!

Do you also place IT experts who are familiar with legacy software and systems?

The modernization of legacy software, systems & codes is one of our specialties. Accordingly, we have a large network of IT specialists who are very familiar with both outdated and modern technologies and modernization processes.

Are you also active in an advisory capacity in the selection of technology?

If you wish, we can also support you with the technology selection and provide you with talented IT specialists who have in-depth specialist knowledge in the areas in demand – including when it comes to implementing legacy systems or software on modern technologies.

Are the costs for hardware, software and licenses included in the price?

Our Indian IT specialists have professional and secure workstations incl. modern computers, laptops, monitors, and other necessary work equipment, such as headsets, keyboards, etc. Accordingly, there are no costs for hardware, office equipment or supplies.

As a rule, you will not incur any additional costs for tools, software, or licenses, as our IT experts are optimally equipped by us and our partners for the respective specialist areas.

However, if exceptional cases should arise, we will of course clarify this with you in advance.