Experts to measure!

Why us?

Organizations that think they can easily return to the old status quo of mandatory presence after the pandemic will be at a serious competitive disadvantage, watching modern competitors increasingly outperform them with more productive staff, better talent opportunities and more dynamic robustness.

These ADVANTAGES speak for themselves when you choose remote:

  • higher productivity
  • reduced costs for staff, office and equipment
  • a large talent pool
  • lower staff turnover
  • less stress

This is how we support you in your collaboration in an agile, international team::

  • permanent connection of all team members via a group chat
  • daily online Scrum meetings (max. 15 minutes)
  • cloud-based project management software for all team members
  • cloud-based versioning software for all team members for daily “check in” of work results (code)
  • cloud-based time tracking software with real-time performance documentation
  • agile project management with Scrum or Kanban and multilingual coordinator (mentality bridge)

Whatever technology you need:
We are at your disposal!