Mentality Bridges

Mentality bridges for successful cooperation

At the heart of our services are our experienced IT coordinators (mentality bridges), which enable us to provide companies of all sizes with the expertise of experienced IT experts from India – without loss of control and high investment costs in their own IT outsourcing locations.

We know the challenges that can arise when cooperating with Indian IT professionals and based on this, we have created the “mentality bridges” to not only minimize problems and challenges – but to ensure that they do not arise in the first place.
Our innovative approach allows you to benefit from all the advantages of the Indian
IT sector without compromising on quality of work and efficiency.

Through cultural understanding of both sides, a mature best practice, technology competencies and specialized project management skills, our German-speaking
IT coordinators ensure efficient collaboration, maximum productivity, and optimal results.

What functions does your IT coordinator perform?

Our IT coordinator acts as your mentality bridge between your company and IT professionals in India. Tasks include:

In the exploratory phase:

  • Review of requirement profiles
  • CV screening and pre-selection of suitable IT professionals
  • Organizing, coordinating, and debriefing interviews with candidates
  • Organization and coordination of testing tasks

Before the start of cooperation:

  • Presentation of our best-practice methods proven over many years
  • Organization, coordination, and follow-up of a joint kick-off meeting

During the cooperation:

  • Organization and accompaniment of daily meetings after the start of the project
  • Implementation and analysis of regular customer feedback
  • Ensuring the daily working hours of the IT specialists
  • Timely anticipation of the need for additional IT experts
  • Professional solution finding in case of possible escalations
  • Personal contact person for your concerns
  • Ensuring that all agreed services are provided

If required:

  • Support in setting up project management tools (e.g., Azure, Asana, Trello)
  • Consulting and assistance in setting up as well as adhering to agile methods
  • Translation activities (from simple to complex)
  • Active support for integration into existing teams
  • Intercultural coaching

Your benefits of our professional service

Personal contact person during the entire collaboration

Reduction of your time expenditure

Assurance of trustful and efficient collaboration

Increased productivity and work quality of the Indian IT experts

Competent support in various aspects


What costs will I incur through the IT coordinator?

Your personal contact person or IT coordinator (mentality bridge) is available to you free of charge – there are no additional costs for you. In order to select the appropriate IT expert according to your requirements, our IT coordinators are involved in the processes even before the IT expert starts work. These organizational activities in advance are also free of charge for you.

What qualifications do the IT coordinators / mental bridge have?

Our IT coordinators have professional competencies in various areas of information technology, have extensive understanding of the Western as well as Indian culture and certifications in Scrum and project management as well as extensive soft skills. In addition, they are proficient in German and English at native language level, as well as Hindi/Urdu in some cases, and thus provide excellent support, also in international IT teams.

Do I have to accept the support of the IT coordinator?

Of course, you are not forced to use the services of the mental bridge available to you. To what extent you involve your personal IT coordinator is up to you. In any case, we recommend that you use our professional service so that you can take advantage of all the benefits.

How can I get in touch with my personal contact / IT coordinator?

Your personal mentality bridge is available to you via phone, email as well as platforms such as MS Teams, Slack or Skype. In addition, your IT coordinator is in close contact with you as well as your IT team via a shared chat group and is also available for you in the Daily Meetings.

With which services is the IT coordinator (mentality bridges) included?

We use our IT coordinators with all of our services. Regardless of the IT service you purchase from us – whether it’s legacy modernization,
IT staffing solutions
, or hourly packages of any size: Our mentality bridges are happy to provide their expertise.