IT Staffing Solutions

IT staffing solutions

Employees around the world work together regardless of location. Expertise, transparency,
agility, and perfect management are what count.
Our expertise in working with India and placing remote IT professionals is based on over 20 years of experience.

Not only do you get fast access to experienced experts in all areas of IT – we are also there to advise and actively support you throughout the entire collaboration.
One of our German-speaking IT coordinators is available to you as a personal contact and also ensures optimal cooperation with your Indian IT specialist through the use of agile methods, modern project management skills and mature best practice.

We understand your challenges – with our success concept and unique coordinator service, we are your partner to free you from the worries of the IT specialist shortage.

Your advantages with Alfa IT-Outsourcing

Cost savings

Compared to industry-standard salaries in DACH, you save at least 50%. In addition, you will not incur costs for hardware, software, operating costs, office furniture, recruitment, room rent as well as salary and ancillary wage costs.

Billing by the minute

You only pay for the time actually worked, which is recorded by our time tracking system. There are no costs for vacation, and sick days, as no working hours are recorded on these days.

German contract partner

You will receive a contract according to German law with jurisdiction in Germany.

Flexible contract terms

The contract duration can be flexibly adjusted according to your individual wishes. We are available to assist you with both short-term IT staffing and long-term IT staffing.

Large talent pool

We offer you a wide range of experienced IT professionals in all technologies and areas of IT from our trusted partner network in India.

Fast IT staffing

Within 14 days, we fill your IT vacancies with suitable candidates according to your requirements or put together complete IT teams for you.

Unique service

Even before the cooperation begins, one of our experienced IT coordinators (mentality bridges) is at your side, ensuring maximum efficiency, increased productivity, and optimal results.

Customized solutions

Our commitment extends far beyond addressing the challenges of the IT skills shortage. We design individual options for you to ensure your digital success in the long term, which is why we are always on hand to advise and actively support you with our extensive expertise.

What is our approach?

We accompany you to success by providing you with experienced, highly qualified IT specialists at short notice, proceeding as follows:


Your provide your requirements
and we analyze the details.


You choose your favorites,
and we organize
qualification meetings.


Decide on your preferred
IT expert.





We obtain CVs of
suitable candidates.


On request,
run a practical exercise.


Your selected IT expert picks up
the work at the agreed date.

Do not wait any longer

With our free offer service, you will receive a non-binding offer quickly and conveniently in just a few clicks – tailored to your individual requirements.

Your vacant IT positions could be filled with your preferred candidates in as little as 14 days.

Request a non-binding offer


Which IT positions can you fill?

Through our partner network, we have access to a large pool of talented IT experts with different skills, areas of expertise and experience.
As a result, IT professionals in virtually any technology are available to you. IT specialists in highly sought-after, rare, or legacy technologies are also available to you.
You can find an overview of our most popular technologies and areas of expertise here. Among them are e.g., project management, system architecture, quality assurance, business analytics, design, IT security, DevOps engineering, AI / AI and many more.

How promptly can IT experts start work?

We usually fill open IT positions within 14 days after you send us the requirements profile for the IT position in question. Just a few days after we receive the requirements from you, you will receive the resumes of pre-selected candidates. How promptly the work is started also depends on how quickly you select and on the agreed start date.

What are the functions of the IT coordinators / mentality bridges?

Your personal IT coordinator is available as a contact person for all your concerns and supports you throughout the entire period of cooperation to ensure smooth collaboration and, at the same time, maximum productivity, and work quality of your new IT specialist.
An overview of the activities that your mental bridge can take on can be found here.

What are the costs of your service?

Our prices depend on the particular technology you need. The professional experience of our staff also plays a role, be it junior, senior, or expert. With our per-minute billing based on our cloud-based time tracking software, you can be sure that you only pay for the actual time worked. The entire selection process is free of charge for you. Costs are only incurred when you start working with us.

How much do I save by using IT experts from India?

Our concept eliminates salary and ancillary wage costs as well as equipment investments for you when hiring our Indian IT experts, as these are borne by us and our partner companies. Our Indian employees are also entitled to vacation and public holidays – however, there are no costs for you, as no working hours are recorded on these days; the same applies to sick days. Your savings are – depending on the technology – to at least 50% compared to industry standard salaries in DACH.