IT Outsourcing Destinations – Which is the best?

Die besten IT-Outsourcing Destinationen

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April 6, 2023

IT Outsourcing Destinations – Which is the best?

IT Outsourcing

In today’s globalized world, IT outsourcing has become an important tool for companies to reduce costs and increase productivity while improving quality. Germany has a strong IT sector, but not all companies have the necessary resources or know-how to handle their IT projects internally. However, the shortage of IT specialists is slowing down the growth of German companies. For this reason, they are looking for suitable IT outsourcing destinations to secure additional resources and in-depth expertise.

In this article, we give you an overview of the best IT outsourcing destinations and help you find the right provider for your needs.

What is IT outsourcing?

According to Techopedia’s definition, IT outsourcing is the contracting of an external organization or individual to perform IT-related tasks. IT outsourcing is a strategic approach that companies use to outsource non-core activities to an external service provider in order to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and free up internal resources.

To learn more about different types of outsourcing, such as nearshoring and offshoring, we recommend this article: Offshoring vs Outsourcing vs Nearshoring.

What makes a good location for IT outsourcing?

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best IT outsourcing destinations. Here are some of the most important criteria:

  • Attractive pricing structures
  • High level of English language
  • Knowledge of global trends and business practices
  • Highly developed IT sector and modern IT infrastructure
  • Fast and high availability of qualified IT professionals

These factors may be weighted differently depending on the company, its strategy, and its objectives. For example, some companies place more emphasis on cost efficiency, while for others, quality of work is significantly more important.

The five most popular IT outsourcing destinations

IT outsourcing has become an important part of the global economy in recent years. There are many locations that are excellent for IT outsourcing and offer different advantages. Here are some of the best IT outsourcing destinations:


The seventh largest country in the world by area rightly occupies a top spot. Future-oriented, political course-setting, a solid IT infrastructure, excellent universities with around 2.6 million STEM graduates annually and English as one of the official languages form the basis for the success of the IT sector in India. A large pool of IT professionals with excellent expertise makes it easy to assemble IT teams as needed.


The outsourcing advantages of the Asian island nation lie in the excellent level of English spoken by IT developers and low costs. Even though the quality of Filipino IT professionals in mass does not match the quality of Indian IT professionals, it is possible to assemble good IT teams. Especially for the implementation of smaller projects, the Philippines is a good choice for IT outsourcing.


The high level of education of Chinese IT graduates and the ambition to be among the top IT Outsourcing destinations in the world makes China a serious competitor. The formerly highly fragmented outsourcing market in China has long since begun to consolidate. Continuous competition with fast emerging outsourcing destinations – such as Vietnam – is stimulating business. Compared to other locations, language skills in English can be a problem. The same applies in China: Price is a key factor in determining the quality of IT experts.


The up-and-coming EU member is not only characterized by cultural proximity and a short geographical distance of only a few hours by plane, but is also home to many qualified IT specialists and digital nomads. English and occasionally German language skills at a good level are generally available and facilitate communication. Due to globalization, however, the cost advantage is no longer as given as it was a few years ago.


The EU country Poland is one of the established players in Europe for outsourcing advantages, both in terms of quality of work and structures of cooperation with clients from the DACH region. A good level of English facilitates cooperation and face-to-face meetings, which are convenient due to geographical proximity. Labor costs are not always necessarily below German levels.

There are many other countries suitable for IT outsourcing, but these five destinations are some of the most popular. Ultimately, however, choosing the right destination depends on a company’s specific needs.

Problems and challenges of IT outsourcing to India

Although there are countless successful IT outsourcing examples to India, problems can arise. If the structures for a profitable cooperation are not in place, the following reasons can lead to negative experiences, such as:

  • Poor quality of work results
  • Gaps in data protection and data security
  • Language barriers due to strong accents and inconsistent vocabulary
  • Cultural differences in business culture, working methods and mentality
  • Delayed communication and coordination difficulties due to time differences

It is important to consider these challenges when deciding to outsource IT to India. Furthermore you should take appropriate measures to minimize them.


It’s not just the country that counts – the right IT outsourcing partner is critical to a company’s success. Quality, price-performance ratio and many years of experience in working with the target country are important criteria for a good IT outsourcing partner.

We know the difficulties of IT outsourcing. Through our unique service we not only minimize the challenges. But we also ensure that they do not occur in the first place, allowing you to fully concentrate on your core business. Our proven recipe for success is based on years of experience in cooperation with India and includes, for example, your personal contact person in the form of an IT coordinator who, among other things, acts as a mentality bridge.


What is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing refers to the practice of passing on IT tasks and processes to external service providers in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and gain access to specialized expertise.

What defines a good IT outsourcing destination?

Good IT outsourcing destinations are defined by attractive price structures, high English language skills, knowledge of global business practices, a well-developed IT infrastructure and the availability of qualified IT specialists.

Which countries are the most popular IT outsourcing destinations?

The most popular IT outsourcing destinations include India, the Philippines, China, Romania and Poland.

What advantages does India offer as an IT outsourcing destination?

India offers a solid IT infrastructure, many qualified IT professionals, excellent universities and English as one of the official languages.

How can companies minimize the risks of IT outsourcing?

Companies can overcome the challenges of IT outsourcing and minimize risks by taking appropriate measures, such as selecting an experienced IT outsourcing partner who understands cultural differences and offers good value for money.