IT development in India: A look behind the scenes 

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January 19, 2023

IT development in India: A look behind the scenes 


India is one of the leading international hotspots for IT outsourcing with an advanced technology industry that attracts Western companies with skilled remote IT professionals, low costs and professional structures. Many products produced by companies worldwide incorporate hardware and software from centers of IT development in India.

India has long been one of the world’s largest economies in terms of gross domestic product. After the USA, China, Japan and Germany, the South Asian country with an estimated population of around 1.42 billion currently ranks fifth. India is also beginning to catch up in terms of per capita income, which is a key indicator of prosperity.

India: Established offshoring location for remote IT outsourcing

Many companies in the West are unable to meet their demand for IT specialists due to the acute shortage of skilled workers. Outsourcing IT processes to IT service partners and establishing their own development centers ensure the innovation and competitiveness of companies of all sizes.

As an IT hub in Asia and an established offshoring location for remote IT outsourcing, India is the first choice for many decision-makers who want to outsource central IT processes. For IT development in India, there are enormous resources of well-trained IT professionals as well as a continuous supply of young talent who have completed high-level IT education at state universities and international colleges.

IT professionals from India program software, test IT systems and maintain servers remotely and in close coordination with their clients. India is the market leader in information technology, complemented by complex development services in cloud computing, data science and artificial intelligence.

Digitization in the world’s seventh-largest country by area has been advancing relentlessly since the Indian government launched its flagship initiative “Digital India” in 2016. Modern IT infrastructures further increase the attractiveness of IT outsourcing to India. IT specialists from India are part of a rapidly growing IT industry, which analysts consider to be extremely dynamic, especially in the areas of the Internet and digital services.

Why is it worthwhile for companies to use IT development in India?

Using IT development in India is worthwhile for companies for the following reasons:

  • Cost savings: India offers highly skilled and cost effective resources as compared to western countries.
  • Expertise: India has a strong tradition in the IT sector and a large number of well-trained professionals.
  • Time savings: Due to time zone differences, companies can work on projects around the clock, allowing for faster completion.
  • Scalability: Companies can expand their IT development capacity in India at any time to meet their needs.
  • Specialization: Indian IT experts are often highly specialized in their respective fields, which means that even complex projects are no obstacle.

The combination of cost savings, expertise, time savings and scalability offers attractive benefits that many companies are already taking advantage of.

IT development and processes Outsourcing to India: How much do you really save?

A key argument in favor of IT offshoring is the lower cost of IT development in India. Cost savings make IT outsourcing to India an economically viable option. The development costs for good software are almost always in the six-figure range. Both when commissioning classic IT outsourcing services and innovative IT projects with high personnel and programming costs, lower costs and the required IT infrastructure are key decision factors when it comes to working with Indian IT specialists.

Contracting companies can save between 30 and 50 percent by outsourcing IT to India, which is particularly beneficial in the case of long-term cooperation and high budgets. It is important to place the cooperation on a professional basis and to include fair payment for IT development in India. Those who choose dubious IT service providers who offer IT development in India at dumping prices are extremely likely to fail. Indian low-cost providers have neither the know-how nor the manpower to realize high-quality IT outsourcing services.

IT outsourcing to India with a qualified partner

The solution lies in choosing a qualified partner that enables even inexperienced companies to gain the same global advantages in IT outsourcing as large companies do.

Your advantage with Alfa IT-Outsourcing GmbH: Our team reliably supports you with its many years of experience and expertise, and you are supported by qualified IT coordinators (mental bridges). They know both cultures inside out, take on an advisory role and act as your personal contact.

By choosing the right IT professionals, IT development in India as an offshoring destination is more cost-effective, but no less reliable. Alfa IT-Outsourcing GmbH as your German contractual partner permanently accompanies you as your full service provider. Benefit from professional services and structures in the field of remote IT outsourcing.


Why is India an attractive location for IT outsourcing?

India offers highly skilled IT professionals at comparatively low costs. The strong tradition in the IT sector and the continuous supply of young talent make India a leading offshoring location.

What cost savings can be achieved by outsourcing IT to India?

Western companies can save between 40 and 60 percent of development costs by outsourcing IT to India. This is especially true for long-term projects and high budgets, where the cost efficiency of IT offshoring is particularly significant.

What are the challenges with IT development in India?

Challenges can include mental, cultural and language differences, as well as difficulties with remote work across different time zones. However, these can be effectively overcome by choosing a qualified partner who acts as a bridge between cultures and has expertise with remote work.

What are the key benefits of IT development in India?

The main advantages include cost savings, high expertise, time savings, scalability of development capacities and the specialization of IT experts in various fields.

How reliable is the quality of IT development in India?

The quality of IT development in India is high, provided that companies choose reputable and experienced IT outsourcing service providers. A qualified partner ensures that the cooperation is professional and that the projects are implemented to a high standard.