IT administrators desperately needed: remote working models as a solution for the future

IT administrators are the backbone of every company's technological infrastructure. In their role as guardians of networks, systems and data, they bear an enormous responsibility. In times of digital transformation and increasing cyber threats, companies are more dependent than ever on qualified IT administrators who not only solve technical problems, but also proactively manage risks and develop innovative solutions to optimize the IT infrastructure. However, while the demand for these specialists remains very high, the labor market in the DACH region is facing a significant shortage of qualified IT administrators....Read more

Frontend developers in focus – all about their role, skills and salaries

Frontend developers are at the center of creating the user experiences that shape our modern world. They play a crucial role in the design and development of websites and applications that define the face of an organization online. Their skills and expertise are essential to creating intuitive, functional and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces that delight and engage users. In this blog post, we take a comprehensive look at the world of frontend developers and give you practical insights into their role, skills and salaries. What exactly does a frontend developer...Read more

Finding Java developers: Tips and best practices for SMEs

Java developers are crucial for companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The ability to develop high-quality and customized software solutions has become an indispensable component for companies to remain competitive and meet the increasing demands of the market. However, recruiting such specialists often poses major challenges for SMEs. This article offers practical tips for successfully recruiting Java developers and highlights their importance for your company. Why are Java developers important for your company? Java developers play a central role in modern software development and are indispensable for companies. Their...Read more

How to choose the best Shopify developer for your project

Success in e-commerce: The right Shopify developer makes all the difference Choosing the right Shopify developer is crucial to the success of your e-commerce project. In a world where online commerce is becoming increasingly important, qualified and experienced Shopify developers are the key to a smooth, efficient and successful implementation of your e-commerce ideas. But how do you find the best Shopify developer for your project? In this article, we'll outline the key criteria and considerations that will help you choose a qualified ecommerce developer and open the door to...Read more

Optimization of Cost-per-Hire in IT

Introduction: Importance of Cost-per-Hire in the IT sector The calculation and optimization of the Cost-per-Hire (CpH) is of great importance in the IT sector. The CpH is an important indicator that represents the average cost of hiring a new employee. In the IT sector, where talent acquisition often represents a considerable expense, CpH values are particularly relevant. They help companies to plan and effectively manage their recruitment budget. They also provide an insight into the efficiency of the recruitment strategy. With a clear understanding of CpH, companies can better allocate...Read more

Reduce Cost of Vacancy through efficient IT outsourcing

Introduction The Cost of Vacancy is a critical metric for companies to quantify the impact of vacant positions. The term describes the financial impact and productivity losses caused by unfilled vacancies. Especially in the context of the ongoing shortage of IT experts, these costs have become a key concern. In this article, we will look at the impact of the shortage of skilled IT experts on business operations and present you solutions on how to effectively reduce the Cost of Vacancy. Let us take a deep dive into this important...Learn more

Remote Work: 10 Valuable Tips for Team Leadership

The working world has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, making remote work and the ability to successfully lead remote teams increasingly important. Many companies have already integrated this integral component into their work culture. However, numerous organizations still face challenges in transitioning to innovative work models such as remote and hybrid work. In a time when one is no longer bound to a specific workplace and employees from various parts of the world can collaborate, leaders are faced with an exciting challenge as leading decentralized teams has become a...Discover interesting facts!

IT specialists for SMEs: Tips for the search

Shortage of IT specialists in Germany All of Europe is suffering from an acute shortage of IT specialists. For example, Germany alone lacks around 137,000 IT specialists across all industries, according to a study by the digital association Bitkom e.V.. Successfully filling an IT vacancy takes an average of 7.1 months. In addition to cost-intensive recruiting measures, unfilled positions also cause considerable damage. A lack of expertise and capacity can lead to stalled digitization progress, a halt to existing or new IT projects, damage to the company's image due to...Learn more