The development and history of the IT sector in India

Information technology has become a decisive factor for economic growth and progress. In this context, India plays a leading role as a provider of IT services and solutions. The history and development of the IT sector in India is closely linked to the rise of the IT industry in the country. The IT sector in India has witnessed rapid development over the past few decades. With a growing number of IT professionals and a thriving IT industry, India has emerged as a global hub for technology and software development. In...Read more

Intercultural cooperation with Indian IT experts

In today's globalized world, it is not uncommon for companies to outsource IT services and projects - India in particular is one of the most popular IT outsourcing destinations. However, this intercultural collaboration also brings challenges that can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. To ensure successful IT outsourcing, it makes sense to have a reliable IT outsourcing partner at your side to bridge these differences. What are the problems in intercultural cooperation with Indian IT professionals? Various misunderstandings and challenges can arise in intercultural cooperation. These include: Cultural differences: due...Dive deeper!

IT development in India: A look behind the scenes 

India is one of the leading international hotspots for IT outsourcing with an advanced technology industry that attracts Western companies with skilled remote IT professionals, low costs and professional structures. Many products produced by companies worldwide incorporate hardware and software from centers of IT development in India. India has long been one of the world's largest economies in terms of gross domestic product. After the USA, China, Japan and Germany, the South Asian country with an estimated population of around 1.42 billion currently ranks fifth. India is also beginning to...Read more